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UK-based retailer offering a wide range of blank media for digital recording, including DVD-r and others. Catalog also includes memory cards, ink cartridges and more.

Luminous Film Video Works
Online store offering recorded DVD-r with classical European films, in several movie genres, including horror, erotica, western and other titles.

ProAction Media - Blank DVD R Media
Online store offering blank DVD-r media from several manufacturers and recording speeds. Offers spindles, packs and single discs, and other products.

Tapeworld - DVD R Support
Manufacturer of DVD-r blank media, offering information on how to make video discs using DVD-r, from sources as various as DVD, TV, camcorder and other types.

Video Help - What Is DVD?
Guide about DVDs and recordable media in general, offering technical information and specifications from DVD-r, DVD-rw, DVD-ram and others. Also offers DVD players compatibility list and more.

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