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My DVD Studio
Toronto-based company that offers services of files transfer. Includes transfer and conversion from video tapes (VHS, VHS-C, Digital 8), Mini DV, Hi8, Betamax and others to DVD and other digital formats.

Home Video to DVD
Provides services of video to DVD transfer using professional authoring software. Video transfers and DVD conversion that allows clients to convert memories into digital media.

Video Tape to DVD Transfers by High-Tech Productions
Company specialized in video services, including transfer from analog to digital, from sources such as digital 8, BetaCam, 8mm, Hi8, VHS and other formats.

DVD Transfer Services
Company specialized in media services, using DVD formats as a platform for several different applications that include storage, photo slideshows and marketing presentations.

Avid Tech DVD Transfer Centre
Company offering services of video transfer from analogue formats (including 8mm films, photographs, slides, 16mm films and others) to DVD and other digital formats.

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