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Welcome to Film-to-DVD
Small UK-based company specialized in converting still and moving images from analog to digital formats. Converts slides, photos, video and camcorder and others to DVD. Also offers services of image manipulation.

DigMyPics - Making You Smile All Over Again
Photo scanning and video transfer service, offering services of film to DVD transfers, slideshow creation, memory books, digital picture frames and others.

Digiteck Media - Your Memories to DVD
Company specialized in conversion of VHS to DVD and transfers from analogue formats such as photographs, slides and film to digital formats. Also offers other services such as custom DVD creation and more.

Silverleaf Studios - 8mm Film to DVD
Company offering services of analogue to digital conversion that allow clients to enjoy 8mm memories with modern digital technology in DVD. Also offers conversion services for 35mm slides and tapes.

Home DVD - State Of The Art Transfers
Canada-based company that specializes in home movies transfers and conversions from video tapes and 8mm films to DVD. Also offers transfer from 35mm slides and other formats.

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